Practice Development

Healthcare services are becoming more and more dynamic, refining to meet the needs of service users. Organizations and clinical teams are motivated to innovate. In the meantime, the standard of practice is laid down, emphasizing evidence-based practice.

The term practice development encompasses various activities that include changes in practice, the support, and growth of practitioners, setting and improving standards and quality. The implementation of research evidence and other such terms are often used interchangeably.

Practice developers appreciate the impact and value of innovation for continuous improvement while considering the whole systems. Practice Development builds on a person-centred design and innovative methodology, filling the gap between preferences and expectations by adapting your services.

We believe that practice development:

  • Is the continuous process of developing cultures that value patients’ quality of life based on evidence
  • Is governed by facilitators who coordinate with individuals and teams to put together care, support, and treatment building in the personal qualities and creative imagination.
  • Provides learning that brings about the evolution of individual and team practices; this is leveraged by incorporating both practice development processes and outcomes in service, corporate, and commissioning strategy.
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